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Sep 9, 2010 10:00pm PDT
're not sure. we have talked to neighbors out here who told us they have had a smell of gas in here for perhaps a week, perhaps longer. that has been reported to pg and e the power crew came out, didn't find anything. is it related, it's still too early to know. the fire chief did say, this is a high powered gas line that ruptured and exploded. it sent flames hundreds of feet into the air and people were injured and at least one person killed. >> thank you very much. we're going to allen now with some additional information. >> reporter: i've been told that we're on standby because san bruno fire is telling us that it's preparing to give it's first official briefing of the night. we did hear from the fire chief but that was hours ago where he confirmed that it was a high pressure gas line that rap turd, exploded. we still don't have a cause from either the fire department nor pge. but i'm getting confirmation from the coroner's office one person is dead. and a map that i've been handed gives pretty good indication of the neighborhood we're talking about here. it's right near -- we're talking ab
Sep 17, 2010 10:00pm PDT
from here. >> i'm trying to take it day by day. right now it's -- it's a sad time for us so we are trying to get this neighborhood back together. >> reporter: and for many of the residents here the clean up effort is a daunting task. the county said it'll do all it can to help residents get back on their feet and help them clean of or homes. in san bruno. >> and today pg and e has only released general maps of the pipelines that may be running in neighborhoods. you can go to the website. we have posted them there. >>> new kind of food event where you eat at your own risk and they are popping up all round the bay area. robett lyles shows us why the chefs at this latest underground market might be taking some risks to. >> reporter: you mentioned popping up. the movie line is something like this, if build it they will come this is if you tweet it you will come. they are coming to eat in a parking lot. it's grown quite popular in san francisco and now it's spread throughout the bay area. everything that you see here, is actually illegal. that has stopped nothing and no one. they c
Sep 10, 2010 10:00pm PDT
department to come back and tell us any news that they may have found and we got a call, a knock on the door from the coroner and the coroner was standing two police officers and at that moment i just knew it wasn't good. we had her that -- had indicated he saw jessica die and that there was nothing he could do to save her. i went to the hospital and hoped that maybe he could give me something to hope for. we were told by neighbors that they saw jessica run out after him. he had ran back in and then saw her run after him. then we could never confirm she was still alive so that little hope was there for us and the knock on the door this afternoon just confirmed what our greatest fear was. >> family members say the boyfriend was in the hospital with burns to 50% of his body. >>> and we talked to another man who barely escaped the explosion. >> all the sudden i was just walking and my floor completely came -- wood floors just exploded up. threw me against the wall, after that i got up, went to the back door and i looked out and saw my hot tub and everything was on fire, the backyard, flames s
Sep 13, 2010 10:00pm PDT
understand the word risk was used and my understanding of that is it refers to high consequence area and that is a definition in pipeline regulatory terms that relates to population density and not to the strength or integrity of the. >> are the folks over this pipeline are they in some danger or risk? >> we have thoroughly surveyed all of our gas transmission facilities up and down there and they checked out safe. >> reporter: i mentioned pipeline 132 was identified as one of the top 100 at risk by pg&e in it's material, but actually the la times is reporting that the mosque at risk -- most risk ---- at risk -- a lot of people are worried. a man called pg&e and said he smelled gas. they sent a crew that reported there is a small amount of natural gas in the area. this is happening. folks are worried and not to meaning the concern as these pipelines are right underneath neighborhoods and in fact a lot of people here want to know, a lot of people across the state want to know, how come they are not told that when they buy a home. a lot of the officials hearsay they need to make a way
Sep 16, 2010 10:00pm PDT
-known. robert lyles shows us how. >> reporter: i want you to consider this. oakland voters elected jerry brown mayor twice. in fact, this city is largely democratic. but it is however an office for the republican opponent. so does the fact that meg whitman has leased space right here in the middle of oakland offer a window or is it a view into a political blunder. >> meg whitman's campaign says the gubernatorial hopefully opened this office in mid-july for one reason. >> well, we believe it will be very close. so we need to fight for every vote, in oakland, in san francisco, in san jose, every vote in the bay area. >> reporter: when the cameras arrived, it was easy to see directly into the front windows. but after we informed her campaign of our story tonight, the entire front window was covered with this. >> for anyone who lives in oakland, those of who us live here, we know that office is opened occasionally at most. it's mostly for show. >> reporter: but the republican hopeful says it's just like an office that's opened in east la and is an effort to woo minority voters. >> we are going aft
Sep 24, 2010 10:00pm PDT
't arresting the tape but the chief tells us what's on it. >> three people enter as a group quickly. they pepper spray towards the occupants and create what i believe to be a diversion and then they quickly smash open the jewelry cases and take the jewelry out and then immediately run out and leave. >> reporter: there was no gun visible. no one was seriously injured but the robbery and pepper spray is an act of violence as well as a double felony. >> it's absolutely -- you know, it's definitely a violent act. >> reporter: unusual crime for here? >> absolutely and i hope to keep it that way. >>> the doors are open at a new state of the art school designed with one group of students in mind. the high school fred t campus was designed to provide a strong foundation for 9th graders. they say a strong start at the beginning of their high school years will ensure they are ready for college and careers when they graduate. the project was paid for with measure b money. >>> the offer was out there for all of us but in the end fewer than five people said yes. the offer, take the job
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6